PRATHITHI CHITS is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act and its operations are legal.

PRATHITHI CHITS provides fullest Security to your money as it is operated under the Rules and Regulations framed by the Government.

PRATHITHI CHITS has computerized all its transactions and hence subscribers can make payment of their monthly subscriptions On-line and also place their Bids On-Line.

PRATHITHI CHITS offers viable alternatives to meet urgent / accidental financial emergencies of its Subscribers / Members.

PRATHITHI CHITS offers higher returns in comparison with the Recurring Deposit Interest rates of any Banks.

PRATHITHI CHITS has employed simple procedures for Registration to instill a sense of loyalty and confidence among its subscribers as seen in a family.

PRATHITHI CHITS allocates unique User ID and Passwords to each of the Subscribers inclined to deal On-Line, so that they have access to all the information about their Group.