PPRATHITHI CHITS took its birth in Mandya with a VISION of providing the simple, gullible, agrarian population of Mandya District a Simple, Easy, Safe and Secure way of investing their hard earned money in schemes designed to suit all classes of people and see it grow at comparatively faster pace than any other known schemes promoted by the Banks.

The promoters of the company being sincere, honest and dedicated individuals who are well established and successful people in their own professions, have visualized PRATHITHI CHITS PVT. LTD., to be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in order to be most transparent, most accurate user friendly establishment, which will prepare its customers financially to face any eventuality, be it child birth, higher education, house building, purchase of automobiles, marriage, business investment, unforeseen health contingencies, etc.

Complimentary to the above VISION, the Promoters have provided a very well equipped office for PRATHITHI CHITS PVT. LTD., at the heart of the city and employed young, dynamic and energetic Staff and has arranged for their intensive Training in the Trade and Customer Relations.


PRATHITHI CHITS envisages very cordial and close relation with its customers as its main objective, so that this will ensure a very good response of the company towards its customer needs and prove its sincerity, concern, transparency in its dealings and conducting of chits, collection of chit subscriptions, payments etc.

PRATHITHI CHITS encourages its staff to be in close contact with its customers and to be a strong bonding between the company and its clientele. This provides them with a very wide exposure to people from various trades and various strata of the society, thereby providing them with an opportunity to enlarge their knowledge of various aspects of trades in particular and society in general.

PRATHITHI CHITS is ambitious of establishing a very sound Financial Institution to cater to the needs of the people of Mandya District which would be a role model to others in the Trade and also expand its operations and services to other taluks of Mandya district and other districts as well in future. It would provide the Promoters a deep satisfaction of their achievement and a real friend in need to its customers.

PRATHITHI CHITS is committed to the usage of the state-of-the-art technologies available to it in the present day scenario to provide a fast and efficient service to its customers and the people.

PRATHITHI CHITS being promoted by individuals hailing from various fields of businesses and avocations, has a deep rooted social consciousness and hence has a responsibility towards the society and has many plans in various stages of conceptualization, development and refinement.